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Common Core

Common Core for Parents

commonCoreApple.jpgWhat? The CCSS are standards that will be replacing the Ca. State Standards.

Where? 45 states, including California, have adopted these standards. This allows us to compare apples to apples when we talk about achievement across the nation.

Why? The CCSS were created to make certain that when our students leave high school, they are prepared for the demands of college and work. The premise is that creating college and career-ready students starts in kindergarten, and that it is the shared responsibility of every educator in our system to support this goal. We want students to leave our system with the content they need to know, but also the strategies and skills needed to apply their knowledge to real world situations.

When? The CCSS were adopted in December of 2010, and the new test (SBAC) will be aligned to the CCSS and administered to our students in the Spring of 2015. The SBAC will be an online test.

How? Transitioning from our current system of multiple choice tests and more isolated, skill-based standards to deeper, more challenging material will take time. In Martinez we have a very ambitious plan for implementation and professional development for our teachers. We may not see results immediately, but we know that in the long run, this type of teaching is so much better for our students. Our teachers are working around the clock to implement the new standards and need your support!