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Transitional Kindergarten Fourth Grade
Kindergarten Fifth Grade
First Grade PE, Computer and Music Teachers
Second Grade K-5th ISP Teachers
Third Grade  


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Transitional Kindergarten

Contact Lisa Santiago  Lisa Santiago Teacher


Contact Christine Bosler  Christine Bosler Teacher
Contact Esme Bruesewitz  Esme Bruesewitz Teacher
Contact Julie Davies  Julie Davies Teacher
Contact Courtney Kendall  Courtney Kendall Teacher

First Grade

Contact Jennie Cardamone  Jennie Cardamone Teacher
Contact Tani Misquez  Tani Misquez Teacher
Contact Judy Price  Judy Price Teacher
Contact Tricia Wille  Tricia Wille Teacher

Second Grade

Contact Tim Brainerd  Tim Brainerd Teacher
Contact Jennifer Gandara  Jennifer Gandara Teacher
Contact Nicki Pepe  Nicki Pepe Teacher
Contact Danielle Turrini  Danielle Turrini Teacher

Third Grade

Contact Michelle Alameda  Michelle Alameda Teacher
Contact Cathy Comprelli  Cathy Comprelli Teacher
Contact Heather Higginbotham  Heather Higginbotham Teacher
Contact Sarah Jondahl  Sarah Jondahl Teacher

Click here for Mrs. Sarah Jondahl's current class website.



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Fourth Grade

Contact Michael Carman  Michael Carman Teacher
Contact Heather DiMaggio  Heather DiMaggio Teacher
Contact Deanna Lengyel  Deanna Lengyel Teacher

Click here for Mrs. DiMaggio's web site.

Fifth Grade

Contact Judy Bahns  Judy Bahns Teacher
Contact Phyllis Foreman  Phyllis Foreman Teacher
Contact Cindy Sanders  Cindy Sanders Teacher

Click here for Mrs. Judy Bahns' class website.




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PE, Computer and Music Teachers

Contact Krista Grieb  Krista Grieb Teacher
Contact Stacey Hanson  Stacey Hanson Teacher

K-5th ISP Teachers

Contact Angela Elseth  Angela Elseth Teacher
Contact Ann Marie Killough  Ann Marie Killough Teacher
Contact Rebecca Milne  Rebecca Milne Teacher

Early Intervention Team (Loma Vista Pre-school)

Contact Robyn Byrd  Robyn Byrd Teacher
Contact Carrie Elliot  Carrie Elliot Teacher
Contact Marissa Fields  Marissa Fields Teacher
Contact Sheila Good  Sheila Good Teacher
Contact Christine Gorshe Olsen  Christine Gorshe Olsen Teacher
Contact Carina Gutierrez  Carina Gutierrez Teacher
Contact Sudha Lakkanna  Sudha Lakkanna Teacher
Contact Rebecca Larson  Rebecca Larson Staff
Contact Connie Linscheid  Connie Linscheid Teacher
Contact Debbie Ramirez  Debbie Ramirez Teacher
Contact Annette Seabury  Annette Seabury Staff
Contact Nelly Snider  Nelly Snider Teacher
Contact Angelica Valero  Angelica Valero Teacher