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School Site Council

The School Site Council is responsible for making financial decisions that would increase school-wide efficiency and improve ALL student achievement.  The Council is composed of parents, teachers/staff and Principal.  It provides a foundation for all of the major players in the school to come together to identify common goals and establish a plan to achieve these goals.  Duties involve a two year commitment to serve and attending quarterly meetings from 3-4:30 pm. All parents are welcome to attend.

School Site Council Members

Julie Croy - Principal
Lisa Santiago - Teacher
Tricia Wille - Teacher

New member-Teacher

New member- LV staff
Fran Cadero - Parent
Marie Ross - Parent

Randy Linscheid-Parent

Carrie Michael-Parent

Yolanda Walker-Parent


Meeting Dates

Date:Thursday, August 20, 2018

Time: 3:00-4:30PM

Location: Library